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Heart of the Vale prompt 1 (Kauri)
Before the pair went back to check on Glitter, Willu wanted to investigate the monolith more closely. Its smooth surface and strange runes captivated them...they’d never seen anything made in the same way before, and if it held any secrets they wanted to be the first one to find them. In fact, they’d felt something just a little strange about this land of mist and shadows from the moment they entered, and Willu thought this massive, mysterious stone might hold the key to discovering what caused the odd feeling.
“I’ll only be a minute...I want to get a closer look at the stone. Don’t wander off too far.”
Kauri was skeptical. “Do you want me to help?” she asked. “I don’t really think doing this alone is a good idea.”
“Nah, I’ll be fine. Just don’t get lost.” They were already leaning against the stone, carefully inspecting the carvings. “It’s not like I haven’t been managing myself
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Vale Adventure 04
   The next morning, Willu left Glitter asleep in the hollow and set out to find new treasures. They figured it was a risky decision, but they didn’t want to be interrupted or distracted. Before leaving, they wrote a small message in the dirt floor: “I’ll be back soon. Don’t break anything.” With that, they set out with a small pack strapped to their back and their soft green glow lighting the way.
   Meanwhile, Kauri was still searching for Glitter on the opposite side of the hill. She was at the bottom of what appeared to be a large valley that might’ve been quite pleasant if not for the general dampness, darkness, and fogginess of the landscape. It was still hauntingly beautiful, though, and Glitter stopped briefly a few times to catch her breath and admire the aesthetic. The glowing wisps gave the place an unearthly warm tinge that strikingly contrasted the blue-grey of the dim natural light.
   “Glitter! Glitt
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Vale Adventure 03
   Willu guided Glitter through the misty forest, using their faint glow to guide the pair of mogi without getting too lost. Every now and then Glitter would run ahead, and Willu had to halfheartedly chase her down and reprimand her. The green mogi was getting more and more irritated—how could any mogi possibly be so energetic?
   “Glitter, get back here! You don’t know what’s in the mist!” Willu yelled for what felt like the hundredth time in the past hour. They were panting slightly at this point, while Glitter continued to bounce merrily along.
   “Come can’t be all that bad if you live here,” Glitter complained, circling back to Willu. Her new friend was turning out to be less exciting than she’d hoped. They weren’t excited at all, and they wouldn’t let Glitter do what she wanted either. At least they’d agreed to help find Kauri, though. She hadn’t seen her purple fri
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Vale Adventure 02
         Glitter got over her initial surprise rather quickly, and started tearing down the hill into the fog-shrouded valley. She made it a good ways before Kauri called out, “Slow down!” As she turned to respond, the pastel mogi caught her foot on a loose clod of dirt and tumbled the rest of the way down with a small squeak, vanishing into the clinging mist at the bottom. Panicking, Kauri scrambled down after her friend, calling out as she went.
         When she reached the bottom, she could hardly see a thing. The mist seeped under her fur, and even though the sun was probably rising by now it wasn’t any lighter. “Glitter! Glitter, where are you?” Her yells disappeared silently into the darkness with no reply.
         Glitter woke up, groaning softly as she felt the various bumps and scrapes she’d gained on the way down the hill. Making sure she was still in o
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Vale adventure 01
   The ancient forest was quiet and tranquil in the evening light, with the last golden sunbeams trickling through the verdant canopy and landing in little pools on the mossy roots and trunks of giant trees. Crickets were chirping, and the first of the fireflies were starting to come out, yellow points of light near the forest floor.
   Until they were scared away by the loud complaining of a Mogi, that is.
“We’ve been looking for ages! At this rate we’ll never find anything!” Glitter flopped dramatically onto the ground, sighing heavily. Kauri watched in amusement. They’d been walking for all of fifteen minutes, more or less, so she didn’t take her companion’s exaggerated complaints too seriously and instead kept trotting through the twilit forest. Glitter would probably catch up soon.
Sure enough, Kauri could soon hear her pastel rainbow friend bouncing along behind her, with a loud "Wait for me!" just in case. As Glitter
:iconlunardragoness:LunarDragoness 2 2
time got away from me and here i am posting this the day before my birthday...oops

I just want to start by saying that this is just for funsies...i honestly don't expect anything really from this

I don't have a very long wishlist or species list, but art of any of my characters is awesome!

A few specific artists/species I like:
Mogi/Aetherlings by al-kem-y
Designs/art by Scaevitas
Coadles/Feathercloaks by MahoHaku
Skywalkers/art by silent-umbra

sorry for the pings everyone! i promise i'm not trying to be annoying ;;


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Hi all! I'm a sculptor/digital artist/writer who focuses on dragons and similar creatures. I'm pretty friendly, so don't hesitate to talk to me :)

Please don't use pet names for me (dear, honey, hun, etc.) unless we're very close friends or I know you personally and you use those in person. It makes me uncomfortable, even though I appreciate the friendliness. Thank you.

Nature Flight Stamp by Tytoquetra Dont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FX the truth stamp by manic-pixie Friends stamp by Meddle689 Stamp - Not Feminine by foxlee Weird Stamp by Kojima2087 FRIENDS STAMP by emo-city Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness environment stamp by environment teddy stamp by findyQ Art Geek Stamp by xoxostudios The Log-out Stamp by Busiris I Love My Music ::Stamp:: by himiko-hedgehog XD Stamp by MimiMarieT The Friend Stamp by Busiris The Hug Stamp by Busiris Stamp- teen authors by Lady-Xella The Glomp Stamp by Busiris

personal to-do list:
kitlit myo--jan 1
quetzalli myo--jan 7!!!
more mogi stuff--ALWAYS


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